THC Tincture

Tinctures (1:10) are 1000mg of cannabinoid extract in 10ml MCT, 500+ drops per bottle (dropper top bottle). Each drop is 2mg.

Micro dosing, using a THC tincture is often enough to get the desired effect to treat most conditions/symptoms. Best store in the fridge. Best used in conjunction with CBD as well.

More Information

What is THC

THC is the most abundant cannabinoid present in cannabis. Specifically, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) aka the psycho-active compound in cannabis contains miraculous healing properties and benefits.  Where necessary, although seldom, patients may move from a tincture onto appropriately dosed THC capsules. Higher dosed THC capsules are mostly used to treat cancer only.


Yes. THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for getting ‘high’. When using a tincture, one can Micro-dose, allowing a person to build a tolerance within days, thus avoiding the high. Remember that each person is unique, there is no one size fits all with THC cannabis oil dosing. It is about finding your optimal dosage and the balance that works for you. Be patient, building up a tolerance could take some time.  Start on low dosages,  gradually building up until you have found the balance that works for you.


Here is a quick breakdown of THC benefits – hopefully, you will gain some perspective on this powerfully effective medical treatment that can change people’s lives.

  • THC Kills Cancer Cells: It kills cancer cells in the human body without killing or harming the body’s good cells.
  • THC is a Chronic Pain & Inflammation Reliever: THC is an effective pain reliever because it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which controls and regulates pain and inflammation.
  • THC Reduces & Eliminates Nausea and Vomiting: Cancer patients and those suffering from eating disorders and/or cachexia can definitely benefit from the use of THC.
  • THC is an Appetite Stimulant: People suffering from eating disorders, mental health issues, cancer, HIV/AIDS and a variety of other diseases can benefit by using THC.
  • THC Treats Mental-Health Conditions: It can assist with depression, anxiety and stress. Should the client be uncomfortable with THC’s euphoric effects, we recommend THCA.
  • THC is Anti-Spasmodic: It is ideal for people who suffer from stomach, intestinal, and/or urinary tract and  bladder spasms.
  • THC Provides Relief for Digestive Health Problems: For people who have Crohn’s Disease or Diabetes, THC plays a significant role in relieving digestive pain, spasms, and overall discomfort.
  • THC Creates Euphoric Effects: Assist with depression, PTSD,  and is a mood lifter
  • THC is an Anti-oxidant: Cannabinoids help protect the brain’s cells from damage thanks to the anti-oxidants in THC and CBD.


ALS  Epilepsy Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s Fibromyalgia Osteoporosis
ADHD Glaucoma Parkinson’s
Arthritis HIV AIDS Pain (all)
Asthma Lupus (SLE) P.M.S.
Auto Immune Menopause Spinal Cord Injuries
 Cancer & chemo symptoms Migraines and Headaches Strokes


Like all medicines, cannabis can induce its own unique set of side effects.

  • One of the possible side effects of THC is anxiety and paranoia. If you already suffer from anxiety, we will strongly advise substituting THC with THCA.
  • Take too much too quickly and one will get high. Please follow our dosing guidelines.


A typical dosage of THC oil would be 3 drops two to three times a day, micro-dosing with our THC Tincture. Dosing the oils three times a day is optimal, but not always possible, twice per day will suffice. The simplest and most convenient method of THC consumption is to drop oil under the tongue where a lot of capillaries are located, allowing for rapid diffusion into the blood stream. If you are worried about using too much in one go, pipette the oil on a spoon and lick it.

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