THC Suppositories

THC Suppositories are 500mg each, for treating cancer only.

Suppositories allow for administering of very high dosages from the onset as they are non-psychoactive.

Suppositories do not treat the liver.

Suppositories do not treat pain.

For all cancers, suppository are best used in conjunction with oral dosing THC and CBD.

Our suppositories are specially imported from the United States of America.

More Information

What is THC

THC is the most abundant cannabinoid present in cannabis. Specifically, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) known as the psychoactive compound in cannabis, possesses miraculous healing properties and benefits.


No, THC suppositories are non-psychoactive because it bypasses the liver. One gets high when the THC metabolizes via the liver. When the suppository is inserted correctly, it is dissolved in the body and goes straight into the bloodstream via the intestinal wall lining, giving it a high bioavailability. Note that by consuming edibles made from cannabis, smoking it or using THC tincture, will metabolize via the liver, causing you to get high.   


CannaMedica recommends suppositories to cancer patients for certain cancers:

  • THC Kills Cancer Cells: It kill cancer cells in the human body without killing or harming the body’s good cells.
  • THC Reduces & Eliminates Nausea + Vomiting: Cancer patients and those suffering from eating disorders can definitely benefit from the use of THC.
  • THC is an Appetite Stimulant: This is very beneficial to cancer clients.
  • Cannabis suppositories allow for larger doses of plant medicine without the head high.

THC Suppository Condition List 

CannaMedica recommends higher dosed suppositories mainly to clients with certain certain types of cancer.


Using THC suppositories appear to be safe with no side-effects. 


The bullet point must point down when initially placed in the freezer to set. Thereafter they can be stored in any position in the freezer.

These specially formulated suppositories should be taken out of the freezer when ready to be used.

Take 1 to 2 suppository (500mg) a day. Take 1 x daily in the morning for best results and if needed, take 1 x at night before going to bed.

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