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Cannabis oil is revolutionizing the world of petcare. This incredibly beneficial resource is derived from the cannabis plant and can supply the bodies of mammals with a host of natural compounds that support a healthy body and relieve normal mental distress. Consequently, more and more veterinary experts are recommending cannabis oil products to pet owners.

According to research, marijuana-based treatments are being used not only for cats and dogs, but for pigs, horses and domesticated wild animals. More people are using medical cannabis oils to treat pets for a variety of conditions, ranging from separation anxiety, allergies, pain, chronic pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, noise phobia, and cancer. Some of our clients at CannaMedica reported to have found a more positive response to the cannabis-based treatments than to the prescribed medications.

Medical Cannabis Can Be Used For a Variety of Conditions:

Anxiety Cancer Pain
Arthritis General Health Skin Conditions

That’s why Dr. Greg Richter, a veterinarian in California, and Dr. Rob Silver, a holistic vet and pet herbalist in Colorado, have working to educate pet owners and legislators on the benefits of treating pets with cannabis. Silver has even published a book, Medical Marijuana & Your Pet: The Definitive Guide, which draws on his research and experience to help people determine whether cannabinoid treatment is right for your animal.

Although the dosage proportions aren’t the same, cannabis can be used to treat the same conditions in pets that it’s used to treat in humans. Cannabis has proven highly effective in treating ailments—including conditions such as anxiety, stress, arthritis, seizures, and even cancer symptoms—in dogs and cats, Richter said. “It’s really just an amazingly versatile drug when used properly.”

Previous surveys and studies of cannabis use in pets have shown that owners have also tried using cannabis-based treatments to manage separation anxiety, noise phobia, irritable bowel syndrome, lack of appetite in their animals. Dog owners reported that hemp products were most effective in treating pain and helping their pet sleep, according to a report published last year in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. The most common side effects cited were sedation and an overactive appetite. Turns out even dogs get the munchies.

“The most commonly suggested format is what they call a tincture, which is usually oil-based and has a very set amount of the cannabinoids in it,” Silver said. Tincture is an extract, typically sold in a small bottle that comes with a dropper, and is recommended for use by the drop or milliliter.

Cannabinoids are best absorbed through a pet’s oral mucus membrane, Silver added, so medicating is as simple as spreading the tincture on your pet’s tongue.

Please note that we are NOT advocating the administration of the well-known psychotropic compound Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol or Δ9-THC, in concentrations sufficient to produce the ‘high’ or psychotropic effects which are normally associated with marijuana. We are not advocating the administration of marijuana, by any route, in any form, to any animal in order to produce medical benefit or to produce any psychotropic effect.  Please consult with your veterinary practice before administering cannabis to your pets.

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