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One of the hardest things parents endure is seeing our children in pain. While medication is usually the go-to method for physical aches, anxiety, and sleepless nights, we all know it comes with possible side effects. If you could avoid these by using something natural, would you try it?

For many families, CBD is a miracle molecule that allows their children to live normal lives without hospitalizations, doctor visits, dangerous medications, and being stuck indoors. Unfortunately, for many people, the idea of treating kids with cannabis is still quite controversial, even though CBD is completely safe. By learning more about CBD and dispelling some of the harmful myths surrounding the compound, more children may be able to live happy and healthy lives by receiving high-quality CBD products.

When some parents think about CBD for kids, they automatically balk at the idea because they assume their child would get high. That’s not the case with CBD, which is one of 85 compounds known as cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD is often overshadowed by THC, which is another compound found in the same plant.

Much of the current popularity regarding CBD can actually be attributed to a five-year-old girl – Charlotte Figi. Charlotte was featured in the CNN documentary “Weed,” which chronicled her life battling a severe seizure disorder. Charlotte experienced her first seizure when she was only three months old, and from that point on, she would have seizures that could last for up to four hours. She was hospitalized frequently, and her parents were desperate to find something to treat – or at least control – her seizure disorder.

Medical Cannabis Can Be Used For a Variety of Conditions:

ADHD /ADD Diabetes Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Autism Epilepsy Lupus
Asthma Fibromyalgia Pain
Anxiety Gastrointestinal PTSD
Autoimmune Glaucoma Schizophrenia
Cancer Heart Disease Skin Conditions
Cerebral Palsy HIV/AIDS Sleep
Depression Juvenile Huntington’s Stress

Whilst we encourage parents to do their own research, there is no evidence that suggests CBD stunts growth mentally or physically: In fact, a mother’s breast milk contains cannabinoids, including CBD.

When it comes to choosing a natural option for you to give to your children, safety is obviously one of the top concerns.  Not only is CBD safe, it is also much safer than a common medication that all of us have taken at some point in our lives – aspirin. According to Dr. Leslie Iversen of Oxford University, cannabis is an inherently safe drug, is safer than aspirin, and can be used over long periods of time without serious side effects.

Another study published in the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design further supported the safety of CBD.  Investigators from Kings College in London assessed the behavioral and psychological effects of both CBD and THC in 16 healthy volunteers. It was found that when participants received 10 mg of THC orally, they experienced effects like sedation and increased heart rate. None of these symptoms were found when patients received 600mg of CBD.

Research is bringing out more support for the many benefits associated with non-psychotropic CBD. Unfortunately, its benefits have been overshadowed by some unfounded fears, specifically that it will get you high like THC. As more is understood about CBD, the public – including parents and children – can begin to benefit from the many positive effects that it has to offer.

How much cannabis oil should my child take?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to medical cannabis.  Each person is unique and each individual responds differently.  Important factors to consider when treating a child with medical cannabis is the age, weight and condition that you are wanting to treat/manage.  CBD is a safe, natural product, with no harmful side-effects.  With CBD-rich products, you get all the benefits, without the high.  The preferred method of administering medical cannabis to children is through micro-dosing with a sublingual tincture.  A few drops under the tongue is all it takes!

Treating Children With Medical Cannabis

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Treating Cerebral Palsy Symptoms With Medical Marijuana

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Treatment Guideline – Treating Children with Cannabis Oil

This treatment guideline is to be used for products and cannabis oils, that are only endorsed by CannaMedica.  It is to be used for treating children with ailments, including; ADHD ADD Epilepsy Seizure Control Autism Cerebral Palsy Asthma Most of the people we treat choose the cannabis oils we endorse over conventional western medicines that have let them … Read more

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