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Treatment Guideline for Neurodegenerative Disease

Neurodegenerative Disease Overview Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for a range of conditions which primarily affect the neurons in the human brain.  Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system which includes the brain and spinal cord.  Neurons normally don’t reproduce or replace themselves, so when they become damaged or die, they cannot … Read more

Treatment Guideline: The Effect of Cannabis Oil in the Treating of Alzheimer’s

This treatment guideline is to be used for products, cannabis oils, that are only endorsed by CannaMedica. The guide is to be used for treating Alzheimer’s. Most of the people we treat choose the cannabis oils we endorse over conventional western medicines that have let them down. No one likes to get high! If the oils … Read more

Study Shows THC Removes Alzheimer Plaque From The Brain

Though just the beginning, these exploratory laboratory experiment shave suggested that THC, one of the main chemical compounds in marijuana, can help prevent Alzheimer’s by breaking down the memory-reducing plaque that would, otherwise, form in the brain. The plaque is comprised of proteins, including beta-amyloid, and was reproduced at the Salk Institute for testing. The researchers grew … Read more

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