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At CannaMedica, we have taken science and passion and combined it into an online portal to connect South Africans with the best medical grade cannabis products in South Africa.  CannaMedica endorses only the finest quality organic, medical grade cannabis concentrates, produced from high quality marijuana, and made under strict, controlled laboratory conditions.  Our tinctures, capsules, topical balms and vaporizing oils are made from multiple strains of the cannabis plant and are available in varying potencies.

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The CannaMedica Commitment

Endorsing only the highest quality, medical grade cannabis concentrates which are:

Scientifically Proven

CannaMedica endorses Medical Cannabis Oils specially formulated into topicals, tintures, pre-dosed capsules, suppositories and vaporizing oils for different medical conditions and/or symptoms.  Our unique cannabis oil products, high in their respective cannabinoids, cover a range of medical usages to deliver the best possible solution for speicific medical needs.


Safe To Use

The active constituents of the cannabis plant are remarkably non-toxic. There has never been a verifiable overdose death from cannabis consumption. Side effects of cannabinoid therapy have consistently been shown to be minimal in trials. Those that do arise are easily managed and they are never life threatening. Cannabinoid medicine offers an effective alternative that largely avoids the risk of dependence.

High Quality and Consistency

CannaMedica endorses a standardized and stable natural medicine, grown by experts with many years of experience. Our oils are guaranteed to contain a consistent level of active ingredients such as THC and CBD, among other cannabinoids - free from any contaminants. Our commitment to organic production reflects exceptional quality and dedication, developed through years of experience.

Let Us Connect You

All content is shared for information purposes, not as medical advice. Always consult your doctor or specialist before taking on a new treatment. Trust CannaMedica to connect you with the best quality organic cannabis oil available in South Africa.

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For the latest South African news regarding legalizing marijuana, and the benefits of medical cannabis - our blog is a great source to start your medical cannabis journey.

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